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1. Blazing Fire Ministries - Evangelist John Siefker
Blazing Fire Ministries is an international evangelistic prophetic and healing ministry that is called to the nati...
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2. AGAPE Live - Leadership Training and Evangelism
Church leadership seminars and evangelistic meetings now operating in over 20 countries worldwide as a seed gift to Christian chu...
[ ]

3. The CTR Store
A selection of CTR rings for men women and children of the LDS (Mormon) community. Rings available in silver gold and stainless st...
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4. Doug Britton Books: Christian books and Bible stud
Christian Bible studies and books on marriage and parenting depression and sex anger and temptation. Also biblical advice on communication jealo...
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5. Paul Wade - Astrologer
Offers free astrology resources horoscopes sign analyses zodiac screensavers cool games and a directory of recomm...
[ ]

6. Birthstones India
Online astrological services including astro consultation horoscope birthstones and spiritual products....
[ ]

7. 12 Astrology Zodiac Signs
Learn about the 12 astrology signs of the zodiac zodiac sign compatibility astrology signs character traits and w...
[ ]

8. World s Last Chance
Online Biblical Christian community offering free Bible studies articles videos and more with a special focus on Bible Prophecy and end time issue...
[ ]

9. Circle Of Professional Clairvoyants
The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants offers psychic readings from professional psychics by telepho...
[ ]

10. Ambassadors For All Nations
Ambassadors for All Nations operates Christian Mission facilitation providing courses networking facilitating for Ambassador...
[ ]

11. e-watchman
In depth consideration of the teachings of Jehovah s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society. Podcast consideration of questions from listeners...
[ ]

12. Theos Think Tank
Theos is a public theology think tank. It aims to provide alternative perspectives to the orthodoxies of secular culture and i...
[ ]

13. What is The Meaning of Life
Articles for those who are searching for the meaning o...
[ ]

14. Practical Spiritual Healing Guide
Contains spiritual information presented in a practical straight forward easy to understand manner to help you enri...
[ ]

15. Basic Bible Studies
This site offers free Bible study courses online and by mail. These courses range from Christian...
[ ]

16. Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center
Register for summer camp Rent our lodging meeting space and food service Sabbath days and Spirituality for Adults and get help wi...
[ ]

17. Bible Colleges and Universities
Offers resources for Christian students interested in pursuing an education at a Christian coll...
[ ]

Christian articles free ebooks thots posters ecards wor basics bible study aid Bible searc...
[ ]

19. John Knox Presbyterian Church
A Christian Presbyterian church in Tulsa Oklahoma and surround...
[ ]

20. Links About Mormonism
A categorized collection of links explaining why Mormonism is not a Christian religion and equipping Christians to witness...
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