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1. Family Tree Research
Professional genealogists help clients find long-lost cousins family trees and original...
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2. Finders
Probate genealogy services for lawyers searching for missing heirs. Find missing and unknown beneficiaries with specialist i...
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3. Hargreaves Family Tree
A Genealogy site presenting research into the surnames Hargreaves Davidson Young and others who le...
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4. ProGenealogists Salt Lake City Utah
A skilled professional genealogist group conducting international genealogy research at the Family History Library i...
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5. Benson Genealogy
English and Welsh ancestry research service. Helping you to trace your fa...
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6. Genealogy Search Australia
The Australian genealogy search engine...
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7. World Vital Records
Offers a wide variety of genealogy databases including the Social Security Death Index family trees and ne...
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8. Lynx 2 Ulster Genealogy
Ulster Scots/ Scotch Irish historical website. Useful to Genealogists. Contains surname searches family townlands in Ulster as well as a huge amount of interesting historica...
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9. eXpert Genealogy Directory of Professionals
Directory of Genealogy Professionals and Services organized by research specialty and geography....
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