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1. Activ Energy Reiki
Reiki treatments Reiki courses stress management solutions incorporating Reiki based interventions for companies and indulgence days with a range of complementary ther...
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2. Blessed Herbs
Offered are a number of herbal colon cleansing solutions and kits. Through herbal colon cleansing the whole body feel...
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3. Aquarius Life Coaching
Face-to-face Life coaching services in Birmingham Nottingham Derby and the Midlands; other areas by telephone. Workshops helping with Confidence self-esteem work-life balance and stre...
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4. School of Modern Naturopathy
One-year internationally-accredited diploma course in naturopathic nutrition. Taught online by acclaimed natural health ex...
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5. Reiki Roland Berard
Reiki master graduated from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of...
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6. Hoffman Hypnosis and Healing
Using hypnosis and other healing modalities to help people overcome obstacles issues habits and compulsions for personal wel...
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7. Naturally Great Health
Registered Homeopath - UK. (Aylesford Bromley Bickley Orpington) Offering advice on all aspects of health incl pregnancy childbirth and children s health. Allergy...
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8. Perfect Harmony - Massage Reflexology and Natural
Perfect Harmony s professional Reflexology and Massage therapists provide a full range of natural therapies to bring harmony and bal...
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9. Reiki Healing And Reiki Courses
Offers Reiki treatments and Reiki courses up to Master level. Practices the Usui System of Natural Healing and use Active Reiki to treat any con...
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10. Golden Leaf Health Services
Specializes in acupuncture for allergies anxiety fertility and many other health...
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11. The Mind Connection
TMC develops a combined usage of neuro feedback and sensual stimulation (as in...
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12. Hypnotherapy And NLP
Hypnotherapy and NLP in the USA UK Canada Ireland and Australia. Also offers a large range of self hypnosis CD s (free postage worldwide) and MP3 downloads inclu...
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13. Bulk Bath Salts
Provides premium quality bath salts and dead sea salts at competitive...
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14. Holistic Healing and Wellness
EFT sessions and counsel available by phone; Treatment also available in Plymouth MI by Naturopath/BA in Psych who specializes in alternative treatments of a...
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15. The Juicy Woman
With these powerful EFT-based programs you can win the battle against cravings change the shape of your bo...
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