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1. FERN GALE LTD Telephone Answering Services
Telephone answering service based in NY providing phone answering services medical call center operators a...
[ http://www.ferngaleltd.com ]

2. BluEnt CAD Services
Offering high quality architectural structural and mechanical engineering drawings cad conversions 3d modelling and rendering sol...
[ http://www.bluentcad.com ]

3. Primotek Associates
An outsourcing consultancy who offer engineering design services drawing management and specialist technical and commercial support primarily to the industrial valve i...
[ http://www.primotek.co.uk ]

4. JVP Technology - Business Process Outsourcing Solu
Experts specializing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offshore IT services Telemarketing and inbound and outbound call centre solutions....
[ http://www.jvptechnology.com ]

5. Accounts Payable Outsourcing Solutions from NextPr
NextProcess provides AP Outsourcing Solutions. With comprehensive imaging workflow and business rules engines that are cu...
[ http://www.nextprocess.com ]

6. PRD Business Solutions
Offer cost-effective outsourced assistance with administrive services including data p...
[ http://www.prdbusinesssolutions.com ]

7. TDS Midlands
Specialise in architectural drafting and CAD drafting services for custom staircases throughou...
[ http://www.tdsmidlands.co.uk ]

8. Business Process Outsourcing - Bizbrim.com
Site offers informational articles on various topics including online marketing outsourcing investment business travel and education...
[ http://www.bizbrim.com ]

9. Sutherland Global Services Inc.
Providers of world-class business process outsourcing (BPO) services that enable clients to better manage...
[ http://www.suth.com ]

10. PeopleSupport
Offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines; including call and contact center outsourcing back office and accounts receivable centers and customer...
[ http://www.peoplesupport.com/ ]

11. AAyuja Inc.
A sales outsourcing company founded in July 2006 working with fast growing high-tech companies and offering proven success ac...
[ http://www.aayuja.com/ ]

12. Employee Leasing Quotes.com
Provides business owners of all sizes and industries a personal and effective way to choose an employee leasing company/ PEO that best fits the needs of their unique business...
[ http://www.EmployeeLeasingQuotes.com ]

13. Human Resources
Ceridian Human Resources outsourcing services designed to reduce your administration costs so you can focus on your people and your core...
[ http://hr.ceridian.co.uk/ ]

14. Global Response
National contact center and business process outsourcing company. US-based agents handle calls social media data processin...
[ http://www.globalresponse.com ]

Indiancallcenterz.com is Telemarketing Lead Generation Call Center specialization in Lead generation: Insurance lead generation mortgage lead generation and lead generation for...
[ http://www.indiancallcenterz.com/index.php ]

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