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1. The Business Prophet
Provider of business strategy integrated marketing leadership and advisory services to entrepreneurs business...
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2. Evelyn Gray CPO-CD
Helping people who are disorganized and have ADD through coaching consulting and seminars providing solutions turning your piles into files so the only thing you have to lose is your clu...
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3. Entrepreneur Scan
E-scan provides an instant insight if you are considering starting a business entrepreneurship or self-employment. A detailed report compares your profile with that of successful bu...
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4. American ValueMetrics: Business Appraisal and Valu
Provides low-cost certified business and equipment appraisal and valuation services for every situation. Certified appraisals at competitive pricing available nationwide...
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5. Lehman Law
Large international law firm in China whose head office...
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6. The Bibby Group
Expert guidance on franchising a business and counseling for emerging entrepreneu...
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7. CXO Advisory Group - USA Business Development
Helps established and emerging companies Raise Venture Funding and Increase Revenues. The company establishes U.S. markets for non-U.S. companies with it s comprehensive business development...
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8. The facilitation service
Meeting and workshop facilitation service for management planning or resolving tough business challenges in a fast creative and f...
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9. Reliable IT Consultancy KPR i-Services Limited
Information and Communications Technology consultancy and solutions for small businesses in...
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10. Business Startup
If you have an idea for a business are setting up a business or started your own business recently visit the Business Startup Exhibition for completely free help and...
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11. Guideye Small Business Guide
Resource for starting operating and financing a small business. offers step-by-step guides for forming LLC Corporations and so...
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12. Economics Research Associates
Consultants for planning analysis and development of corporations government public agencies an...
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